Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session

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See results in 30 days guaranteed or your money back.

- Quit smoking for good
- Increase your will power to complete the quitting process
- Say "NO" to your cravings

Quit smoking now with this relaxing 21-minute hypnosis session from Dr. Ava Cadell. Make yourself comfortable as Dr. Ava guides you in this designed program to gradually help you quit smoking and de-stress your mind. Works to eliminate the compulsions and the cravings as you work toward your ultimate goal.

There are twelve positive activities to choose from on this hypnosis program.

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What People Are Saying:

"I have smoked since I was a teenager and I've managed to give up drinking, even recreational drugs, but I was addicted to smoking until I listened to Dr. Ava's hypnosis CD religiously for a month three times a week. Thank you for changing my life." Dennis W, Cincinnati, OH

"Thank you so much for your time and expertise. You bring such passion and interest to your knowledge." Dee Tucker, Brentwood Presbyterian Church

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Program Title Duration
Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session 20:57
Total Time 20:57