Sexual Secrets About Men And Women

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Think You Know Everything About Your Significant Other? Think Again!

- Break down the walls between you and your partner
- Learn about the subtle differences between men and women
- Stop yourself from making critical mistakes in your relationship

Do you sometimes feel like there's a barrier between you and your partner? Like there are some things you just can't talk about, or there are things that he or she just wouldn't understand? In this 43-minute program, Barbara DeAngelis will show you that men and women have the same taste, but in different directions. These simple secrets will open your mind to what you want, what your partner wants, and the mistakes you don't have to make anymore!

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"Once again you delivered brilliantly. I'm constantly amazed at your ability to finesse a topic and ignite discussion. Your charisma is so captivating. I don't need to gush over you further because you know how I feel. But seriously, you are the best." Leeza Gibbons, Talk Show Host

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Sexual Secrets About Men and Women 43:04
Total Time 43:04