Creating the Ultimate Passion

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Have the Kind of Love You Deserve!

- Don't settle for unsatisfying relationships
- Get on the road to total intimacy
- Rid yourself of life's passion killers

It's so common and so normal to be less than satisfied in your sexual and intimate relationship. Barbara De Angelis has dealt with hundreds of couples in that kind of situation, and she has amazing insight into how to be truly passionate and intimate with our partners.

In this audio download, Barbara candidly points out guaranteed passion killers, and unjudgmentally offers ways to overcome hurdles to pure intimacy. While listening to this program, be honest with will help get you to that point of total satisfaction.

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What People Are Saying About Barbara:

"Once again you delivered brilliantly. I'm constantly amazed at your ability to finesse a topic and ignite discussion. Your charisma is so captivating. I don't need to gush over you further because you know how I feel. But seriously, you are the best." Leeza Gibbons, Talk Show Host

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Program Title Duration
Creating the Ultimate Passion 41:10
Total Time 41:10