A Complete Guide to Natural Animal Health & Nature, Vol 1

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from veterinarians to holistic practitioners you'll learn all you need to know about caring for your animals naturally!
  • Save MORE than 60% off the individual price of each show!
  • Learn all you ever wanted to know about dogs, cats, horses and birds...and even some wild animals!
  • God gave us healing in nature, learn the truth about what health is and the true nature of animals

Hosted by Veterinary Naturopaths, Dr Kim Bloomer and Dr Jeannie Thomason

About Animal Talk Naturally:

Celebrating the art of natural animal health, the truth of animal nature and the love of the human/animal bond from a Christian faith-based focus.  Doctors Bloomer & Thomason bring in a wide variety of animal industry experts to help share the passion Animal Talk Naturally is known for by their audience. Join them for an often passionate, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, and always engaging show! Un-learn  to care for your pets naturally with  insights and wisdom from the world's leading animal experts in their field.

-      To vaccinate or not

-          Optimal, species appropriate nutrition

-          Natural Pest Prevention

-          TRUE Animal Husbandry

-          Understanding the nature of our animals

-     The role of animals in God's Kingdom

Lively and topical -

- Great conversations with veterinarians Dr. Myrna Milani, Dr. Susan Wagner, Dr. Hugh Bassham, Dr. Jean Dodds, Dogtor J, Dr. Stephen Blake, Dr. Bob Cook and more!

- Our Feathered Connection with bird experts Irena Schulz, Maggie Wright, Dr. Lorin Lindner, and Liz Wilson.

- Our Equine Connection with Kim Meeder, Carolyn Resnick, Carolyn S. Kazmierczak and more!

- Dogs, cats, & elephants but no bears YET - oh my!

- Raw Feeding & other Natural Animal Health Issues with Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason, plus a bevy of guests

- True animal welfare from the human-animal bond perspective

What People Are Saying:

"Dear Dr. Jeannie, I wanted to tell you and Dr. Kim how much I enjoyed talking to you both today and I think the both of you are right up there with Kim (Meeder - Founder of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch). I feel so privileged and blessed to have met you ..." Kristie & the gang at Black Dog Ranch

"Hi Dr. Kim, I just finished listening to your interview with Dr. Jill Elliot and it was wonderful and refreshing…Thank you again for another wonderful show; it is one I will keep for my files! " Keryl Asbach and the gang at Balsam Path

"Know Dear Friend, that I am the one is was so greatly blessed. It is my hope and prayer that the listeners will hear the truth of our King. You are amazing my Friend, it is an honor to shoulder with you. " Kim Meeder, Founder of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs79


Program Title Duration
Straight Talk on Animal Chiropractic Care 55:27
A New Direction for Parrots & Veterans 42:40
A Theory of Animal Mind 1:00:18
A Veterinarian's Journey 59:14
All Creatures of Our God & King 56:28
ANIMA-tion Animal Follies 1:01:14
Animal Acupressure with Tallgrass Institute 1:00:26
Animal Essence 1:00:04
Are Vaccines Killing Our Pets 47:30
Aromatherapy with Animals 1:00:06
Benefits of Aromatherapy 44:07
Birds of a Feather 59:03
Bodywork for Animals 1:01:09
The BONE-afide Truth: Gettin' Meaty With It! 58:53
Cats & Dogs: Carnivore Trut 59:20
Choosing Your Natural Animal Health Care Practitioners 43:18
Homeopathy for Chronic Care in Animals 57:58
Come to the Edge 46:22
Dancing in Rhythm with Snowball! 44:21
Dignity for Animals 59:49
Dolphin Mysteries 57:31
Dr. PLEASE Do More! 1:00:34
Educating on Natural Health for Animals 45:05
Eliminating Those Pesky Pests 51:04
Emotions & the Five Elements: How it affects our pets 46:33
Exempting Sick & Senior Pets from the Rabies Vaccine 59:30
Fear Not,Naturally! 43:40
First Aid Care for Pets 44:56
Fleas, Ticks, Mites, OH MY! 35:42
Flower Power for Animals 59:58
Genetics Schmenetics 1:00:45
Got Pressure? 55:50
Healing Hooves & Hands Together in Love 1:00:13
Herb Health for Humans & Animals 44:34
Holistic Horse Care 45:43
Home on the Range 1:14:59
Homeopathy for Happy, Healthy Animals 59:16
The Hook and G.A.R.D. 1:01:24
A Horse is a Horse, Of Course 55:16
Hospice for Animals 1:02:00
Hot Fun in Summertime 49:14
How We Won the Battle of Helms Deep 1:03:54
How Human Emotions Affect Pet Health 1:00:08
In a Horse's Eye: Equine Iridology 44:53
The Innate Immune System 59:20
Into the Promised Land 1:03:06
Kibble Poop 44:55
Water Hole Rituals: The Language of Horses 47:31
What I've Learned from the Animals 1:00:38
Livin' Large 43:01
Natural Animal Care the Bright Haven Way 20:32
What IS Natural Animal Health 58:58
Naturopathy for Our Animals 57:00
No Grain, No Pain 1:01:05
Now We're Cookin' 32:22
Obesity in Dogs & Cats 1:00:15
You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks 1:01:32
On Miracle Mountain with Lew Sterrett 44:52
Our Feathered Connection 52:31
Out of the Wilderness a Hero Emerges 44:19
Parrot Talk Naturally 59:47
Parrot Therapy for Veterans 46:36
Paw Points: Canine Reflexology 46:39
Helping Pets Be Pest-Free, Naturally! 1:04:08
Pet Loss: Death, Dying and Euthanasia 44:52
Pets and Mold 56:58
Pets at the Pearly Gates 41:18
Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head 41:58
Raw Fed Cats 59:58
Those Raw Meaty Pearly Whites 1:02:20
Silent Spring of Dog & Cat Health 58:30
Smiling Faces 45:57
Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath 44:00
Spring is in the Air! 57:54
TC Herbs & Acupuncture for Animals 44:32
Myotherapy & Aromatherapy 54:27
Common Sense Pet Care 53:09
Chiropractic Wellness 58:58
Ozone Therapy for Pets 56:20
Total Time 70:10:47