The Jewish Faith

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In this collection of illuminating programs, Shmuley explores aspects of the Jewish faith in a wide variety of discussions. With Newark mayor Cory Booker, Shmuley talks about their long friendship and about the gifts that Jewish culture and history have given to the world: “For generation after generation, Jews had to hide their religion in order to get their scientific discoveries recognized, or their philosophical works to be considered,” says Shmuley.

Other topics covered include the Jewish holidays of Yom Kippur, Rosh Hoshanna, and Purim; Jewish family values and relationships, and the Jewish point of view on broad themes such as repentance, vengeance, martyrdom, and the Will of God.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs10


Program Title Duration
Joey Reynolds - Sex, Terrorism, & Judaism - Part A 08:47
Joey Reynolds 26:28
Hoboken Synagogue 1:09:46
Repentance 1:36:13
Purim 1:22:05
Why Canít I Fall in Love 8-6-01 49:24
The Will of God and Questioning Atrocity 26:16
Jewish Guide to Adultery Part B 07:26
The Age of Judaism has arrived 57:35
Vengeance and Leviticus 1:10:22
Total Time 8:14:22