The Jewish Culture Series

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Learn from the former rabbi of Oxford University about what unites Jews worldwide
  • Why has Jewish life been considered so expendable by our enemies?
  • How has our unique history shaped us as a culture?
  • What aspects of Judaism are universal with our friends and allies of different backgrounds?

Rabbi Boteach considers the persecutions of the Jewish people over the centuries, and the unique heritage shared by Jews of all nations. How is every role in our lives affected by our religion and our heritage as a people? Does Judaism have a place in business? In politics? In the bedroom?

Shmuley explores the fine traditions and truths in Judaism that can be shared for the betterment of all cultures. Underlying themes include strong family values, deep faith, and an awareness of the differences between reality and media depictions.

The Programs Included in this Package Include:

- Jewish Legacy, and Importance of the Past Who Sacrificed for the Jewish Future (Shibshin Service in Miami)
- Jewish Perspective of 3rd Day of Creation lecture
- Bringing Jewish Values to Mainstream American Culture lecture (UJA Federation)
- Freedom from Fear: Our Actions Are Based on Fear (Never Be Afraid to Be Jewish)
- Shalom in the Home: Family Values and Judaism (Chicago lecture for young people)
- Do Jews Believe in Romantic Love?
- Judaism for Everyone book tour lecture (Miami bookstore)
- Sex, Terrorism, and Judaism: Part A (Joey Reynolds radio show)
- Essence of Rosh Hashanah: the Start of a New Year, an Intelligent Person's Guide to Judaism

What People Are Saying:

"A great read, and a splendid stepping stone to a thoroughly enriched life." Deepak Chopra, on Boteach's book, Judaism for Everyone

"...possessing one of the most fertile minds of our generation."
Dennis Prager

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- The Marriage Series only $29.95.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs9


Program Title Duration
Jewish Legacy and Importance of the Past who Sacrificed for the Jewish Future 59:14
Jewish Perspective of 3rd Day of Creation Lecture 03:41
Bringing Jewish Values to Mainstream American Culture Lecture (UJA Federation) 1:01:35
Freedom fear - our actions are based on fear (Never be Afraid to be Jewish) 1:04:35
Shalom in the Home - Family Values and Judaism 1:09:40
Do Jews believe in romantic love? 57:04
Judaism for Everyone Book tour Lecture (Miami Book Store) 1:02:49
Sex, Terrorism and Judaism Part A (Joey Reynolds Radio Show) 08:47
Essence of Rosh Hashana head of new year/ Intelligents persons guide to Judaism 1:05:30
Total Time 7:32:55