Shmuley on Suffering

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Can we understand the meaning of suffering in the world?
  • What role does God play in suffering?
  • How should pain and punishment be regarded?
  • Do we only learn from negative experiences, or can we learn from something positive?

In this package, Shmuley addresses topics such as suffering and punishment.  In the first of these two insightful audio downloads, Shmuley discusses the experience of suffering in a number of contexts, including physical suffering such as breaking a bone, as well as the emotional suffering that can come from lack of attention from a spouse. The second download comprises Shmuley's debate with Rabbi Harold Kushner on why suffering exists.  Rabbi Kushner, the author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People, asserts that because God is good, he must not control suffering, and that one of the purposes of religion is to find a way to cope with reality, whether it be pain or truth.  Shmuley has a different view - that God is all-powerful and that when he causes suffering, there must be meaning behind it. Alternative viewpoints, differing faiths and various contexts are also considered.  Download this package today to draw meaning from the powerful and perplexing topic of suffering.


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Shmuley and Kushner Suffering Debate 1:55:58
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