Kosher Sex - University Of Massachussetts, Amherst

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A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy
  • Do you and your spouse rarely engage in sexual activity anymore?
  • Are you embarrassed to discuss sexual interests and desires, or even to acknowledge them?
  • Do you feel passionately connected to your spouse, but are unable to discuss intimacy outside the bedroom?

Have you grown into such a comfortable relationship with your partner that he or she feels more like a brother or a sister than a mate?

Grounded in the theory that sex is holy, Shmuley uses traditional Jewish thought to counter fears and misinformation about sex and intimacy. His methods may be considered outrageous by many - encouraging the use of sex toys, as well as different positions and techniques, even amongst the most conservative of couples, as a means of opening dialogue, ultimately bringing the couple closer.

Rabbi Boteach's methods are not applicable only to Hasidic Jewish couples, but address universal needs and desires. He encourages women to hold just a little bit of themselves back from their partners, giving him the incentive to seduce his woman instead of seeking seduction elsewhere.

While based in the teachings of the Torah and Talmud, all couples can benefit from Schmuley's delivery, using directness and wit to overcome societal taboos.

The Programs Included in this Package Include:

- Kosher Sex (University Of Massachussetts, Amherst)


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What People Are Saying:

"Proves that sex can be both holy and hot." USA Today

"(Boteach's) engaging style, linking Jewish biblical beliefs and Mosaic law with the down and dirty details of sexual intimacy, has attracted a huge audience. With wit and wisdom, Boteach explores lust and commitment, love and intimacy, jealousy, ... Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Boteach has his scholarly finger on the pulse of the nation."

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Program Title Duration
Kosher Sex Lecture - Univerity of Massachusetts Amherst 1:34:48
Total Time 1:34:48