Can Jews accept Jesus as the Messiah?

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  • Can the Jewish beliefs be reconciled with the teachings of Jesus?
  • Renew your life through the vibrant lessons of the Jewish faith
  • Learn about the universality of Jewish beliefs from one of the world's foremost scholars and interpreters, with much more humor than your college's religion professor

In Jews and Jesus, Rabbi Boteach turns his outspoken energy and vast erudition to the core teachings of Judaism itself, as well as the misperceived differences between the Judaism and other faiths.

During his eleven years as Rabbi of Oxford University and founder of the university's Jewish outreach organization, the L'Chaim Society, Boteach began to realize how well-matched the foundational beliefs of Judaism are to the broad human needs of the modern world. Unlike the dualist credo of other religions, in which the material and spiritual are always in conflict, the Jewish faith, argues Boteach, uniquely represents a spiritual philosophy concerned about life in this world, rather than in the hereafter. In Jews and Jesus, this most unorthodox of orthodox rabbis explores the Jewish and Biblical origins of civilization's seminal moral ideas and presents Judaism as a program of action for people of all faiths.

Boteach's interpretations and commentary are a vibrant celebration of the dynamism that is Judaism. Whether he's peppering his points with stories from his childhood, promoting feminism and decrying boredom, or extolling the virtues of leisure and solitude, Shmuley Boteach never fails to inform, inspire, and surprise. Jews and Jesus is for everyone seeking a universal moral creed to maximize human goodness and inner potential.


The Program Included in this Package Include:

- Can Jews accept Jesus as the Messiah? (Alan Colmes Show)

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What People Are Saying:

"...possessing one of the most fertile minds of our generation." Dennis Prager

"A great read, and a splendid stepping stone to a thoroughly enriched life." Deepak Chopra, on Boteach's book, Judaism for Everyone

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