Phil Ross' Ultimate Fitness Challenge: Let's Sweat!

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5 Great Cardio and Body Toning Workouts in one!

Let's Sweat - The Ultimate Fitness Challenge is a high-powered workout from the S.A.V.E. (Survive A Violent Environment) Workout Series created and developed by Hall of Fame Martial Artist & Fitness Professional Master Philip G. Ross, BGS, CPT, MMA. Let's Sweat contains five great cardio and body toning workouts in one. It develops the stabilizers, core, endurance and musculature crucial to successful implementation of Phil's defensive tactics. With over 30 years of training knowledge cultivated from Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestling, Ballet, Weight Training and Personal Training, Master Ross is a successful competitor and performer in all of the aforementioned arenas. The knowledge base that he combined for the Let's Sweat DVD is both wide & deep and will challenge and motivate you the highest levels of success.

This download contains:

- The 12 Minute Workout - All that you need is a Rope and Desire!
- Rope Stretching - Take your flexibility to a new level, without high priced machines.
- The Wall - Work your Butt, Stabilizers, Core, Abs & Increase your Flexibility.
- Yoga Stretching - Improve your lower back health; strengthen core & expand your breathing capacity with this segment.
- Butt Blaster - Does exactly what the name implies. This series of exercises help you to lift & round your butt, develop the stabilizers in your hips & legs -- again without the use of high priced machines or fancy contraptions.
- Cool Down - A great way to end ANY workout. Bring down your heart rate & capitalize on the fat burning exercises performed in this final section.


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