High-Energy Fat-Burning Treadmill Interval Workout

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Slim Down and Shape Up Fast!
  • Burn hundreds of calories in just 30 minutes!
  • Rev up metabolism!
  • Improve cardiovascular health!

The ultimate fat-burning treadmill workout! Featured in his best-selling book, 28 DAY BODY SHAPEOVER, fitness expert Brad Schoenfeld takes you through a half-hour interval routine that's guaranteed to tone you up and slim you down.

Brad is widely considered one of America's leading fitness authorities. He is a best selling author, international lecturer, and has been featured in virtually every major fitness and woman's magazine, as well as hundreds of TV and radio programs. See why eDiets calls him the "master of body makeovers!"

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High Energy Fat Burning Treadmill Interval Workout 31:04
Total Time 31:04