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What Would You Pay To Transform Your “OK” Body Into Something AMAZING?

Let’s face it; the systems you’re using to stay in shape just aren’t getting the job done. You’ve tried everything on the market and still look in the mirror disappointed. Meanwhile, your friends and co-workers can’t stop blabbing about their new trainer, their new boyfriend, or the fact that they’ve lost 10 pounds. You’ve HAD it, and you’re ready to throw in the towel. To make matters worse, you know that looking great isn’t just about you. People with the better bodies get more opportunities in life, that’s a simple fact. Are you ready to throw in the towel on your body and on your life and happiness?  No way!  Don’t give up now! Because the mind/body system for unlimited fitness success is here! This is NOT a gimmick, this is NOT another infomercial aimed at taking your money. This is a SYSTEM from the TOP name in women’s fitness that will put you back in the driver’s seat again on your LIFE, CAREER AND BODY…

If A System Designed By The HOTTEST NAME IN WOMEN’S FITNESS Came To The Market With A Total Approach To Your Body, What Would You Pay?

Look, we’ll cut right to it – NO OTHER publication in the world has the dedicated readership and proven results that SHAPE Magazine has been rocking for 25 years. Their tips, strategies and plans for health success have ALWAS been AHEAD of EVERYBODY in terms of cutting edge systems for blasting fat. They don’t watch the trends of the fitness world, they MAKE them. Like us, they saw a GLARING hole in the market for a system designed for someone like you. Someone who had HAD IT UP TO HERE with fitness gimmicks…someone who doesn’t have the time in her busy life for TIME WASTING techniques. Someone who knows that building a lasting body is not just about the body, it’s also about the MIND. So what did they do?  They got the BEST and BRIGHTEST in women’s fitness together and they assembled a foolproof system for success. They took proven methods like Yoga and Pilates to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL.  If you’re sick of being behind the curve and want to SET the curve, stop searching, the answer is right here.

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When we developed the TOTAL SYSTEM our focus was on a 180-degree shift in the way you look and feel INSTANTLY.

We wanted to build a system from the ground up that would immediately make you forget the awful experiences you had with other systems. Look, like you, we aren’t interested in flashy, we just want results.

We didn’t need fancy machines or silly titles. Nope. We just wanted to create a nuts and bolts system for fast and lasting success. We wanted something that would blast fat away in weeks, not months or years. We wanted to finally create a system to give you the body you could be PROUD OF.

We also set out to build a program that didn’t just sculpt your body, but also your mind. EVERYONE on the planet knows that the mind/body connection is the wave of the future for fitness. It isn’t just about staying lean and strong, it’s about keeping your mind FOCUSED and CONCENTRATED. That’s how you BLAST FAT and KEEP IT OFF.

How Often Have You Picked Up A New Fitness Routine, Worked Hard At It And Felt Like You Were Going Backwards?

Sound familiar?  We know, it’s resolutions season again.  The season where we negotiate with ourselves to keep unhappy a little longer by buying a gym membership, a new book on losing weight or a new pill that claims it will cure the fat away.  Junk, junk, junk.  New Years conspires to keep us flabby by offering mediocre solutions to real problems.  Remember that half the battle when we want to make real change is deciding that we truly want to make REAL change.  The other half of the battle is picking the right system for you.  The fact that you are here says you are ready for real change so you have already won half the battle and we know that Total System works, so it sounds like all you have to do is begin to win.

We know, we know, it’s difficult to not be distracted… Caught up in the echo chamber of the world’s demands on you. It’s time FOR ONCE to shut them out and FOCUS on YOU.  Yes, you are that important that it’s time to cut out the noise of “NO!” and bring in the cheers of “YES!”

The really odd thing is, once you’re focused on YOU; everyone else seems to want a piece of you. You’ll see. Your worries won’t be about attracting people and opportunities to you any longer, your biggest worry will be deciding who gets your attention and who does not.  Are you ready for that kind of action and these kinds of results?

Here’s what you’ll get with the Total System:


Who hasn’t heard of Lizbeth Garcia? While other people were stuck teaching the same old Pilates work Lizbeth decide to COMPLETELY INNOVATE the field. She decided to make her Pilates routines more active, more focused on melting fat each time you sit down to the mat. In this session you won’t do countless reps, you won’t lie flat on your back for 15 minutes not feeling ANYTHING. Not even close. You’ll get a 20-minute burn in which every second will be used to purposefully makeover your body. If you want to look FORWARD to the next time you’re out shopping for a dress, this workout will have you dropping sizes in no time.

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Another lame yoga video? Not quite. Assistant Fitness Editor at SHAPE magazine Teri Hanson has been watching THOSE videos for a LOOOOOOONG time – all the while tinkering with the perfect system for making yoga more active, more exciting, and more geared for torching calories. This video is the result of YEARS of extensive research – so listen, she told us she was going to pull out ALL the stops. She’ll open your eyes to the magic of yoga – focused movements connected to the breath designed to empower your mind – but she’ll also knock off a few waist sizes while she’s at it. This fast paced workout will move you through all the important poses, but when it’s finished you’ll feel like you just spent 60-minutes on the treadmill not in the yoga studio.

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When’s the last time you wore a two-piece to the beach? Years? We’ve got bad news for you and good news for you. The two-piece in your closet probably will never be worn again. Why? Because with Total, that two-piece will be too big when we are through with you and you will be shopping for an all new you.  This routine, inspired by the proven boot camp circuit method, is specifically designed to MELT calories and SHED fat from those trouble spots that have been keeping you in a 2-piece and a t-shirt for the last few years. To show you we aren’t messing around, this workout is designed for use 5 DAYS A WEEK. To SHAPE you into a beach knockout this routine uses an interdisciplinary approach… Kickboxing, strength training and elite cardio all blended into one. It’s time to STOP being ashamed to stroll the sandy terrain, and START holding your head high to catch everyone’s eye.

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Stop Wondering When You’ll Get The Body Of Your Dreams, Take CONTROL Of Your Destiny…

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Isn’t it time you stopped hiding your body from the world in all those layers? Isn’t it time you felt confident again around men? Isn’t it time you started walking down the beach with your head held high?

We think so.

We don’t have to tell you anymore that this plan works.  It does. 

SHAPE is on the inside track of fitness and now you have the opportunity to join them.  It’s really not fair when the insiders make a system because they know all of the secrets on what works and what does not.  But you know what?  Life is NOT fair. That’s why you deserve the inside track.

But all this knowledge from the top name in women’s fitness must be expensive right? WRONG.

Shape is delivering big time with this system.  So throw away expensive gym memberships and personal trainers because you can save all that money and spend it on your new wardrobe!

Today, you won’t pay thousands of dollars for elite fitness training. Not even close. That’s right.  For less than 15 cents a day or one easy payment of $44.99, you can have a total body transformation now.  So ask yourself; Is this the system for me?  You know it is.  Am I ready for change?  You know you are.  Is my body transformation worth more to me than a stick of gum a day?  You know it is!

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