Are You Letting Yourself Go? Losing The Battle Against Those Few Extra Pounds? Frustrated With Other “Programs” That Promise To Blast Fat But Never Deliver? We Know How You Feel! The Truth Is Jogging And Crunches Alone Won’t Transform Your Body Into Something To Be Proud Of. If You Want A PROVEN Plan From The Most Trusted Name In Women’s Fitness, Look No Further. The Answer Is Right Here!

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What Would You Pay To Transform Your Average Body Into Something Spectacular?

Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, we live in a culture obsessed with body image. The people with the best bodies get better opportunities, the quality men, and carry an unshakable confidence. It’s just the way of the world. And we know it’s not easy keeping up with the other women at your office, at the gym, and on your block. They’re spending just as much time and money on trying to look great to get ahead. Like you, they live a hectic schedule but need to maintain a perfect body in today’s world to move into pole position on their life and careers. How can you ever get a leg up on the competition?

And look, we’ll be straight with you; we know if you’re reading this, you’re in a serious rut with diet and fitness. You’ve been stuck with an “average” body for years, and watched those other women beat you out for opportunities. You look “fine”, but fine is just not good enough anymore.

You’re constantly in a state of panic.  Will these clothes still fit me?  Does my boyfriend look at me the way he used to?  How do I compete with all of these size 2’s?  And if we know you, we know you’ve tried those OTHER systems, and thrown a lot of time and money down the drain on the dream of looking amazing. And we KNOW, you’re busy – you’re juggling a career, a relationship – how will you ever get a body that will make everyone stand up and FINALLY take notice? We’ll tell you HOW – By getting a SYSTEM that will BLOW AWAY the competition and leave YOU with the beach-body SHAPE to drive the guys crazy and make the women jealous.  So STOP wondering, worrying, and waiting…because the SYSTEM to shatter the competition, and SHAPE your body for jean-slimming results is finally here.

If A System To Shape The Kind of Body That Will GET YOU NOTICED Came To The Market, What Would You Pay?

Look, – there is NOT a more trusted name in fitness than SHAPE magazine. For 25 years they’ve been AHEAD of EVERYBODY in terms of cutting edge systems for blasting fat. They don’t let the fitness world dictate the trends, they CREATE them. Add to that the fact that their fitness stars are just about the BEST on the planet in terms of approach and enthusiasm – they just don’t go for second best – and you’ve got a PROVEN recipe for success. That’s a fact. When we checked in with SHAPE they saw a glaring need in the market for a system for women that ACTUALLY WORKED. The feedback they were getting from their readers let them know of the ridiculous gimmicks out there and they figured it was time to ACT. And boy did they ever!

They went out and nabbed the HOTTEST names in fitness that were using techniques NO ONE HAD EVER HEARD OF before to blast fat. People like fitness All-Star Lizbeth Garcia, whose Pilates have won the title of Pilates Video Of The Year from health magazines. The systems these elite trainers create won’t just get you in better shape; they transform your body into a magnet for compliments, envy, and desire.

The women at your office will be SHOCKED when you walk into work after committing to this system.  That’s why we’re thrilled to bring it to you…

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When we developed the 4X4 Shape Your Life Revolution our focus was on 180-degree shift in the way you look and feel INSTANTLY.

We know you don’t have any more time to waste to get what you want from a fitness program.

You're spending so much time doing the WRONG things we’re sure that when you START doing the right things you’ll see a difference IMMEDIATELY.

And like those other “systems” we won’t leave your body with any blind spots. This system is designed to sculpt and blast fat from every nook and cranny on your body.

You might have enjoyed wearing tank tops before but had to hide your bottom half in loose-fitting jeans, or you might have loved wearing tight pants but were embarrassed of your unsightly midsection.


The only complaint you’ll have once you’re on the ball with our system is that you’ll have to buy a WHOLE NEW WARDROBE to account for your new look.

We’ll go ahead and say in advance that we’re not sorry. Because you DESERVE those new clothes. Consider them a repayment on all the wasted time and energy you spent with other systems. Consider them a down payment on the future of your success.

Once you get with the SHAPE-4MULA4 Program, your life will not look the same.  This 4x4 approach to fitness will leave no stone unturned or fat unbruned.  The people who had been holding you down, overlooking you, treating you like you don’t belong will INSTANTLY change their perspective.

You just have to decide, is it worth giving them a second chance.

It’s time to get in earth-shattering SHAPE, here’s the formula for REVOLUTION.

Here’s What You Will Get With 4x4 Shape Your Life Revolution:


We’re sure you’ve seen other ab routines, but you ain’t seen nothing like this. If you’ve been worried about fat building up in your midsection, ashamed to wear those tight shirts or form fitting dresses – your prayers have finally been answered. In this REVOLUTIONARY ab workout you’ll get a routine for flattening your stomach so advanced even WE hadn’t heard of some of these moves. I mean come on, dumb bells on an ab video? We TOLD you we weren’t messing around. This workout takes Pilates, circuit training and good old fashioned crunches and throws them all in the SHAPE blender to create a hybrid approach that will blow your mind and SHOCK your body into turbo fat melting mode. Is it tank top weather yet?

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Hips, thighs, and butt….has there ever been a bigger problem area? If you’re like us, the idea of buying jeans is a total nightmare. Constantly moving one size up - trying to squeeze that extra denim over your butt…ugh. We don’t kid around when we say that when you get with this routine buying jeans will feel like Christmas morning. Every time. Not convinced? We thought so. Don’t trust us, trust the biggest name in women’s health. Here’s what you’ll get…

In Part One, you’ll get a dance-inspired cardio routine that is guaranteed to melt fat with the most cutting edge moves in the business. Part Two…a lower body blast based off of YEARS of editorial research. See, when you’ve got the hottest magazine in women’s fitness you don’t GUESS on the best techniques, you spend time crafting them with the most innovative minds in fitness. And that’s exactly what SHAPE did – so get ready to bring the bounce back to your booty – and start turning heads again in those size 2 jeans.

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Everyone’s talking about Pilates…women at the office, your neighbor. How the heck are you ever going to get ahead if you’re using the same technique as the competition? Ahem, we didn’t say we had the inside scoop for nothing, did we? Lizbeth Garcia is not any old Pilates instructor, she’s the MOST INNOVATIVE mind in the field. Her methods of applying the work of Joseph Pilates can’t be imitated – she’s an original. Unlike other Pilates workouts, Lizbeth’s routine focuses on the purposeful elements of the work while cranking up your heart rate. The blend of cardio and targeted work for the middle of your body will melt fat away instantly. NO ONE ELSE has these fat shedding Pilates techniques, and frankly, no one else will be looking as good as you once you’re finished.

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When’s the last time your two-piece made it out of the closet? Years? Yea, we thought so. We think it’s about time you found it, dusted it off, and then THREW IT AWAY! Why? Because it’s going to be TOO BIG after you’re done with this workout. This boot camp style routine is specifically designed to TORCH calories and MELT away fat from those trouble spots that have kept you in a 2-piece and a t-shirt for the last few years. If you think other “beach-body workouts” were intense, this one rocks your body 5 DAYS A WEEK. To SHAPE you into a beach blanket queen this routine employs the varied disciplines of kickboxing, strength training and elite cardio. It’s time to STOP being ashamed to stroll the sandy terrain, and START holding your head high to catch everyone’s eye.

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Stop Wondering When You’ll Get The Body Of Your Dreams, Take CONTROL Of Your Destiny…

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So there it is – from the BEST in the business comes a total body revolution aimed at getting you in mind-blowing shape in no time.

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Isn’t it time you stopped wondering how your boyfriend feels about the way you look, stopped obsessing over your co-workers perfect physique and started KNOWING YOU looked good enough to stop traffic?

You’ve been at this too long to quit now. The fact that you TRIED those other routines shows you have the commitment to do what it takes to change your life and your body.

Finally, the system for you is here. We’re thrilled to bring it to you because we’re sure it will work. These techniques are proven to change lives, we’ve seen it.

We don’t have to tell you anymore that this plan works.  It does. 

With SHAPE-4MULA4, Shape is on the inside track of fitness and now you have the opportunity to join them.  It’s really not fair when the insiders make a system because they know all of the secrets on what works and what does not.  But you know what?  Life is NOT fair. That’s why for once you deserve the inside track.

So stop settling for average. Stop letting clothes shopping be a nightmare. Stop letting the summer bikini months get you down and take CONTROL of your fitness and life with the hottest plan on the market.

Shape is delivering big time with this system.  So throw away expensive gym memberships and personal trainers because you can save all that money and spend it on your new wardrobe!

Today, you won’t pay thousands of dollars for elite fitness training. Not even close. That’s right.  For less than 20 cents a day or one easy payment of $59.99, you can have a total body transformation now. 

So ask yourself; Is this the system for me?  You know it is.  Am I ready for change?  You know you are.  Is my body transformation worth more to me than a stick of gum a day?  You know it is!

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