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What Would You Pay To Transform Your Pudgy Body Into A Bikini Ready Body Primed For Turning Heads?

Look, we know how embarrassing it is to spend another summer at the beach under the umbrella with a t-shirt hiding that one-piece underneath. We know how painful it is to watch the other women stroll on by – fit, toned, and confident. Let’s face it, your boyfriend loves you but you may fear he has a lot of trouble keeping his eyes off those other women. You have two options…you can STOP going to the beach and the pool, or you can get a system so complete that you’ll WISH it was beach weather ALL YEAR ROUND so you could show off!

If A System Designed By The HOTTEST NAME IN WOMEN’S FITNESS Came To The Market To Look AMAZING At The Beach, What Would You Pay?

We’re gonna be straight with you here – NO OTHER magazine in the world has done what SHAPE magazine has done over the last 25 years. Period. They’ve had the lasting and loyal readership of millions that other publications long for. WHY? Simple. Their strategies and tips for fitness success don’t FOLLOW the trends of the fitness world, they LEAD them. So when our search for a perfect bikini body system kept falling short - gimmick after gimmick with a flashy box and title but NO ACTUAL RESULTS - we came to SHAPE to see if they could help us out. And BOY, did THEY deliver….

We started out simple and asked the editors – If you were starting from scratch on the perfect bikini body who would you go to? What techniques would you use? Their answer became this LIFE CHANGING system we’re about to share with you. It is the result of tons of research into the fastest fat blasting techniques on the market from the HOTTEST name in fitness. If you’re sick of dreading the beach and want to start knockin’ em dead on the white sands – this is the system for you.

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When we developed 365 BIKINI, the approach was simple, act as if every day is a body vacation day and see faster results.  We’ve all been there.  It’s resolution's time, but we know we are months away from bikini season and so we negotiate with ourselves.  We procrastinate and we make deals with our own bulges.  The truth is, we barter every year to start losing later and every year we win the negotiation and lose the body war.

Until now.

Whether it’s May or January, you deserve to look beach-ready NOW. You’ve spent too long trying every method under the sun to look great and NOTHING has worked.

The techniques in 365 Bikini are so powerful that we know, if you apply them… They will work. Period.

We set out to create a system that was COMPLETE in its total approach to your body. Every inch of your physique will be changed with this system; there is no doubt in our minds. Through these three simple phases you’ll get a body that will turn heads everywhere you go. No “ifs” “ands” until your butt is transformed from sag to cover girl mag ready.

We know that if the EDITORS at SHAPE magazine are using these techniques to look amazing, they’re sure to work for you.

So stop settling for a one piece, stop settling for embarrassment and envy and become the envy of your friends, family and bikini body enemies.


Step one to the bikini body of your dreams is lead by two people who are not just shaping bodies; they’re shaping the fitness world every day. Michelle Dozois was so frustrated with the world of fitness and gyms she didn’t just create a workout, she created her own GYM – just a little spot called Breakthru Fitness in LA where she teaches her cutting edge techniques to Hollywood movie stars. No big deal.  And Lisa Wheeler? If you’ve ever watched Fit TV, Good Morning America, NFL Network, or countless other channels you’ve seen her and her brand of state-of the art cardio techniques. In this session designed to blast fat for the beach you’ll see cardio in a whole new light using brand new dance-fitness moves that are the brainchild of these two fitness stars. This video will transform your muffin top into that long slender midsection snapping-heads from coast to coast.

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It’s time to tone to your zone. Huh? Stay with us… if you’re tired of One-Size-Fits-All fitness training THIS is the session for you. Not only do we have the hottest methods for zapping fat and toning every muscle in your body – Lisa Wheeler and Michelle Dozois have created a zoned approach that allows you to focus on whatever part of your body needs work that day… No one else on the planet can offer something like that...

Butt feeling a little saggy? Focus on the glute zone.

Abs not tight enough for that bikini? Set your sights on zapping fat on that zone.

Legs need a little work? Rock out on those legs.

This system is tailored exactly to your requirements. YOU control the settings on your success…so go ahead and turn the dial.  Bikini season is ALWAYS right around the corner.

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When’s the last time you went camping? Been a while? Well, we’re taking you on a little trip – to BIKINI BODY BOOT CAMP. Look, we told you SHAPE was at the leading edge of fitness, so we threw in the Boot Camp circuit method of training for good measure. If you weren’t absolutely sure we had what it took to snap your body into shape before– we know you see it now. In Part 1, this redefining workout will take you on a cardio circuit you’ve never even seen before and will have your head spinning and legs shaking on your way to ultimate fat zapping. Part 2 employs the cutting edge methods of the cardio sculpt – we aren’t interested in you just losing pounds- we’re interested in giving you the shapelier hips, lifted rear end, and flat abs that can ONLY fit into a tiny bikini. Sculpt that body like a Greek Goddess – we dare you.

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Stop Wondering When You’ll Get The Bikini Body Of Your Dreams, Take Action…

Order 365 Bikini and make every day a body vacation.  Get the most-cutting edge techniques in fitness from the TOP NAME in the business.

So there it is. The technology of years of fitness research from the BEST in the business. A system tailored to YOU that won’t give up on your success. A program that you CONTROL to dial up the results you need on that drop-dead gorgeous body you never knew was possible. 

Also, and this is so cool that we just have to share it with you; this is change you do not have to wait for.  That’s right, order now and download the entire system instantly so you can start enjoying results on your laptop, desktop, iPod and any other portable device.  This is an on the go system that you can take with you to the gym, the beach, on your lunch break anywhere & anytime.

Listen, isn’t it time you stopped feeling like throwing a towel over yourself? Looking great is NOT just about feeling good, it’s about CONFIDENCE and ATTITUDE. It’s the same attitude you can carry with you EVERYWHERE to get what you want.

Look, we know this system works. There is no question in our minds that the hottest fitness magazine in the world has the solution for you.  

The Question We Have Is Are You Ready For Body Change?

It sounds ridiculous to ask, but think about it.  Change is a big deal.  Even positive change.  Here we are offering you a solution to years of feeling crummy about your body, but a lot of people are afraid to finally commit to the life and body of their dreams.  Their comfort zone includes pushing off results and living in that Krispy Kreme middle of despair.  Is this the year you turn it around?  Is this the season where YOU become the priority?  You have come this far, so you are serious, but are you truly ready to leap? 

We are so convinced this system will work for you if you commit to it that your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED.

So we have confirmed that this system works and we have confirmed that you are ready for real change.  Our only concern now is whether or not you can afford it. Listen, the fitness superstars at the leading edge charge a pretty penny for their services. They’re the best. Why wouldn’t they? They don’t NEED to come down on price.

But we worked tirelessly with the editors at SHAPE to come up with something you could afford. So today, you won’t pay thousands for the body of your dreams. Not even close. That’s right.  For less than 15 cents a day or one easy payment of $44.99, you can have a total body transformation now.  So ask yourself; Is this the system for me?  You know it is.  Am I ready for change?  You know you are.  Is my body transformation worth more to me than a stick of gum a day?  You know it is!

So don’t wait to transform your shape, download today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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