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What Would You Pay To Transform Your Average Body Into Something Spectacular?

Let’s face it; we live in a culture obsessed with looks. That’s just a fact. Nowadays looking and feeling great is the difference between a lifetime of opportunities and a lifetime of rejection. And the competition is fierce. The other women at the office are spending all their time and money on looking great, how will you ever get a leg up? Look, we know you’ve got what it takes to have the kind of body that stops people dead in their tracks, but right now – you’re just not there yet. You need something that will instantly shift the shape of your figure into the hottest body around. You need a system no one else has that will SET YOU APART from ordinary. If you’ve been stuck searching, weeding through all the crap looking for a great program look no further – because the system for getting results is finally here.

If A Fool-Proof System To Have The Body Of Your Dreams Came To The Market, What Would You Pay?

When we went out to create a solution that blasts through the clutter of infomercial garbage out there and offers you a system that really works, we went after the best.  There have been so many fads on the market that it is hard not to wonder, do folks want to help solve our fitness needs or cash in on the flavor of the month?  We decided to bring together Jen Galardi and Matt Hughes who are probably the hottest fitness duo on the market right now. With her background in elite Hollywood training and his in Mixed Martial Arts – the guy only won 9 UFC Championships – Plyomix is the ultimate Brain-Child from two fitness stars at the top of their game.

The system they’ve created WILL blast fat and give you the abs you’ve always dreamed of. Period. These two don’t settle for second best. Ever. The cutting edge techniques they’ve developed are just not ANYWHERE ELSE on the market. They’re not at your gym, they’re not part of other “systems,” the personal trainers your friends are using aren’t tapped into the hybrid training of Plyometrics and Mixed Martial Arts. And the results you’ll see after a few weeks will have you WISHING it was bikini season. If you’re tired of having an “ok” body and want to blast away the fat that’s collected on your mid-section, thighs, and glutes there is nothing out there that will tone you FASTER. So strap yourself in, you’re about to get Plyomixed!

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When we developed the PLYOMIX - WARNING IF USED CORRECTLY THIS SYSTEM BURNS FAT! System our focus was on results.

We asked tons of experts in the fitness world what system THEY would use if they had to buy one for themselves. And the answer was resounding: Plyomix.

We’ll be straight with you; there is NOTHING on the market remotely similar to the system we’re bringing to you. If you want to be the only person in the office, on the block, at the grocery store with the kind of body NO ONE can turn down you’ve come to the right place.

Look, your friends can sit at the gym for hours spinning their wheels at the treadmill to stay looking average, but not you - you’ll be working out and looking reDONKulous in half the time.

The results you’ll see from just a few sessions of Plyomix will blow your friends out of the water who’ve been working with personal trainers for months.

Isn’t it time you stopped settling? Isn’t it time you stopped looking in the mirror disappointed? Isn’t it time you got back the confidence to wear anything you want and feel gorgeous doing it? We think so.

This Is The Year You say Goodbye To Last Year’s Resolutions Because You Will FINALLY Achieve Your Goals!

We’re so excited to bring you this exclusive system, here’s what you’ll get:


You might have tried “circuit training” before, but it’s nothing like what you’ll get with this system. Not even close. Once you have a jaunt through Jen and Matt’s circuits you’ll wonder what the heck all those other systems were doing. Look, you can’t get anywhere as a UFC Champ without having the most cutting edge strength training routines on the market. That’s a fact. So Champ Matt Hughes teamed with Jen Galardi to create a COMPLETE circuit system to instantly melt fat and tone your entire body. If you think you know what “power” is, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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Look, most “total fitness plans” focus on core – the difference? Matt and Jen’s plan hit EVERY SINGLE muscle group. There’s not a plan on the market that does that. We guarantee that if you get with this system, you’ll be absolutely stoked to go to the beach to show off your midsection. In this installment of the Plyomix Ultimate Fitness System MMA Star Matt Hughes and Hollywood trainer Jen Galardi show you championship techniques for strengthening the muscles in your abs and back to finally get the perfectly toned look you see in the magazines.

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Have we got your attention yet? Convinced that this system is like no other in the universe for getting you in show-stopping shape? We know for sure, if you apply this system, you WILL look amazing. You WILL look better than your co-workers. Even if you did the first two parts you’d have the body of an irresistible knockout, but we’re following through on your success. So we’ve got more, much more…


If you’re other workout systems and techniques have been, well, boring. You’re in for a real treat. You might have heard from your girlfriends that “kickboxing” was the new in thing for blasting fat. That was SO two years ago. The Plyomix fighting techniques are WAY beyond that stuff, but don’t tell your friends; let them keep going to their outdated classes. If you want to fight your way to fantastic shape and have fun doing it, Plyomix Intensity is the ticket. After this class you’ll feel like you just knocked out those pesky pounds that have been putting a serious damper on your social life.

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Cardio and Strength Training – blah, blah, blah. You’ve heard it all before - 20 minutes on the treadmill, rinse, repeat. Um, not anymore, not for you! Matt and Jen didn’t get those ridiculously svelte bodies with those antiquated workout techniques. They wouldn’t want to waste their time. And we aren’t interested in wasting yours. They developed their dynamic system with Plyometrics as the foundation. If you’ve never heard of Plyometrics before we’re not surprised. It’s the secret just about everyone in Hollywood is using to stay in perfect shape. In our exclusive system, Jen and Matt have adapted it for YOU. If you’re finally ready to start looking and feeling like a million bucks, this installment will rock your world to shed fat for good.

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For the final installment Matt’s going to the Mat with your mind. Because to look great and stay looking that way you can’t use this stuff once and walk away. No, you need the will power to push forward even when fatigue sets in. You’ll get inside the mind of a warrior with this intimate one on one coaching session to develop the mental toughness and inspiration to never say die in your workouts, and in your life.

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But why trust us when we you can listen to real people gush about how Plyomix has changed their lives and bodies!?

"I'm in the best shape of my life right now.'

Leann S.

"The workouts are definitely paying off."

Jennifer S.

"I can't say enough about it and I can't tell enough people about it."

Heather T.

“I can definitely see a difference in the different areas of my body after using Plyomix, my legs are lot more toned.  I feel a lot more comfortable wearing shorts.  My arms look really nice in tank tops.  I feel a lot more confident in my body and I love my flat stomach.  It just really makes me happy.

People ask me,  ‘You look different, you look more fit, what’s your secret?’ and I tell them, it’s not a secret it’s Plyomix and it’s just amazing and if you try you’re gonna see results.  I saw results honestly in as little as 4 weeks that I saw my body changing.”

Susie L.

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Order the PLYOMIX ULTIMATE FITNESS SYSTEM and make a 9-Time UFC Champion AND Hollywood Fitness Star your personal trainers. No need to make an appointment.

So there it is - a PROVEN system to finally get you noticed. If you’ve been embarrassed to go to the pool or the beach, worried about wearing that bathing suit  - this is the system for you.

It’s time to stop settling for average. It’s time to STOP settling for “kind of ” and “ok.” It’s time to STOP going to the gym and doing the same boring routine that’s getting you NOWHERE FAST.

That’s what the competition will be doing while you’re toning your entire body in ways they’ve never even heard of.

Isn’t it time you got a leg up on everyone at work? Isn’t time YOU had the best body in your group of girlfriends?

We think so. That’s why we created this system. For YOU.

But is it expensive? After all, 9-Time UFC Champ Matt Hughes and LA Trainer Jen Galardi’s coaching doesn’t come cheap. They’re both incredibly busy and their techniques are WAY beyond what anyone else in the fitness world is doing.

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