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What Would You Pay To Walk Down The Street With The Confidence Of Today’s Top Celebrities? 

I bet you’d be willing to drop some serious dollars on that! Who wouldn’t?! But you shouldn’t have to give up the things you love to afford top notch training. You don’t have to! You’re just gonna flip when you find out what you’ll get for one insanely low price!!

What Would You Think If We Told You That The Way Hollywood Stars Train Is Actually Fun, Exhilarating Even?

If you’ve been tricked before, its not hard to think that this sounds too good to be true.  I am sure you're thinking, 'C’mon, fitness stars can afford to pay for the best, they can fork over thousands for these trainers, but I can’t.'  Until now you’d be right.   These elite trainers refused to share their cutting edge techniques to you in this affordable way, but we convinced them share the wealth & shed the flab for the fab. 

We want to repeat that we’re 100% confident that if you apply this system: you will get results. And the really big secret to working out like a celeb is superstar fitness trainers like Selah Victor make exercise a party! Really! In this fitness series you’ll dance away fat and blast through treadmill exercises that are actually not boring and get miraculously toned from head to toe.

Selah is joined by Charisse Layne, Charisse is a rock star Pilates pro – and here’s another secret – Pilates is the bedrock of celebrity fitness programs, the essential building block to those flab-free size 2 bodies you see in the movies. Sure you can brag that now you too have gone Hollywood or you can just flaunt your new and improved body & tell everyone you fit in your new hot jeans because you have great genes!  Seriously, we wouldn’t have devised this GO HOLLYWOOD SYSTEM without Charisse!  She will knock your socks off on your way to evaporating fat and feeling spectacular.

Through Our Patent-Pending Technology, You Are One Click Away From Total Transformation And SHOW-STOPPING RESULTS ON Your Laptop, Desktop or iPod…

When we came up with Go Hollywood Gone Flab to Fab System, our mission was to ask the top trainers to Hollywood’s hottest just what was so secret about the super secret ways of the celebs. How was it their clients could literally look flawless at any age, in any outfit?

What we found out could not have been more shocking: the stars spend less time in the gym, have more fun and get the fastest results by having access to the most state of the art and effective training on the planet.

We wanted to give everyone the ability to look jaw-dropping in a bikini and feel like a million bucks. To get you into Hollywood shape you won’t get empty promises, you won’t get snooze-worthy plodding treadmill power ups, you won’t get a single technique that real celebrities aren’t using with their actual trainers.

What you will get is real results that won’t evaporate in two weeks, you’ll get progressive fat melting exercises that will finally make people sit up and take notice, you’ll get psyched trainers who know that the key to lasting success is feeling pumped about your workouts, and finally you’ll get a joyride of hybrid fitness solutions that will transform your body for good and make you want to keep working out long after it’s over.

Here it is:


To get you in that a-list soiree mood follow renowned actress and fitness trainer Selah Victor into your own private dance party. Selah believes in the awesome power of dance to sculpt your body into a work of art. In this fun-filled and heart-pumping workout Selah hits turbo on the joystick to get you dancing wild. Before you know it, you’ll be shedding down flab to that “dancer’s body”.  Download & go from old you to new you now!

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If you think we’re slowing things down just when this shindig is getting interesting, think again. You’ll never look at the treadmill the same again after fitness guru Selah Victor walks you through this rapid fire interval training session. The secret science of high intensity intervals is at the core of top Hollywood programs crafted to get celebrity’s body fat down to the low single digits, so we made sure it was included in your Hollywood regimen. If the treadmill has been a source of boredom and frustration you’ll love this workout designed to zap fat fast having fun. But we wanted you to have all the secrets people pay big bucks for, not just a few, so to top it off, Selah sneaks in an amped up celebrity ab routine to obliterate weight gain at the midsection.

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Ok, so have we convinced you yet that we’re serious about you having an A-list body that a Hollywood agent would love? You have to admit that even if you did the first few steps you might start to feel like one of those magazine cover girls. But why stop there? Hollywood never sleeps, and we aren’t letting up on your success.


When in LA, it would be a shame to not get down to the beach. Unfortunately we’re not going for R&R, we’re not even getting sand in your hair. Famous trainer Selah Victor has crafted a secret celebrity routine for becoming a beach blanket knockout that she’s excited to share. Don’t you ever wonder how even in those private island photos celebs still look amazing? You’ll be tabloid-ready to ditch that one-piece after a few sessions of Selah’s red carpet tips for those bikini trouble spots. 

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The private jets, early call times, and long days filming – how on earth do they maintain such a hectic lifestyle?  How on earth do we maintain such a hectic lifestyle?  Whether you’re on location or just busy zipping around town playing soccer mom, hockey queen, chess den mother or you're just trying to shed the "freshman 15," you deserve to look like a Greek Goddess. Fitness expert Selah Victor will guide you to the quick ways celebs drop weight when their schedule doesn’t allow for it and show you how to apply them to your busy life.

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The final piece to the Hollywood puzzle might surprise you. One word... Balance. How would one lead a life of fast-paced glamour without it? As we mentioned earlier, the work of Joseph Pilates sits at the base of all of the cutting edge techniques above. Renowned fitness star Charisse Layne will bring the profound slowness of her remarkable work to your routine. But what’s shocking is, even with more fluidity and breath you will still drop weight and tone like a model. That’s why these are secrets! We thought you deserved an epic Hollywood finale on par with what the rich and famous are doing right now in their estates – and here it is.

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Don’t Throw Away Your Money On Pointless Routines That Keep You Bored & Flabby, Kick It Up With Celebrity Trainers The Stars Have Only Had Access To Until Now!

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But listen, if you’re still torn we understand. Making change that counts is scary.  On our way to find Hollywood’s best we bumped into a lot of fakes and sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference. Because like you, we’ve grown tired of weight loss gimmicks, but this program is the real deal. All you have to do is take a look at our trainer’s clients.

We’re certain this is the right program for you to look great, we just wanted to make sure it would be the right plan for your budget.

To get these elite workout methods into your home you’d probably pay $100, $200, $300? you just can’t put a price on the way you look and feel, the truth is you’d probably give up much more to get the real results you need.

But we don’t want you to give up the life you love to have the secrets of the stars. After all, we think more people should have them, not less.

So the whole hollywood solution is yours today for $49.99.  That's right.  For less than 15 cents a day or one stick of gum, you can have a complete body makeover!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. So why wait to change your life for the better, download today