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Single Clinic: Jason Guss

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One hour of video instruction with Jason Guss, one of Golf Digestís Best Young Teachers

The Single Clinic: Jason Guss is an exclusive, downloadable video that brings a one hour lesson with Jason Guss to your laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or other portable player. You'll get one hour of tips, advice and coaching from a rising star instructor. Watch at home, in the clubhouse, or even out on the course - top-class instruction accessible anytime, anywhere. 



Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs11


Program Title Duration
Jason Guss (01): Basic Putting Setup 05:05
Jason Guss (02): Putting Faults and Fixes 05:43
Jason Guss (03): Putting Distance Control 05:57
Jason Guss (04): Chipping Fundamentals 05:22
Jason Guss (05): Chipping Faults and Fixes 05:10
Jason Guss (06): Chipping Feel and Distance 05:17
Jason Guss (07): Pitching Fundamentals 04:53
Jason Guss (08): Pitching Faults and Fixes 04:44
Jason Guss (09): Pitching Feel and Distance 05:03
Jason Guss (10): Philosophy 11:39
Jason Guss (11): Greenside Bunker Shot 05:28
Total Time 1:04:21
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