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Product Image: Detoxification: A Natural Approach

Detoxification: A Natural Approach


Many of the major diseases and illnesses of today begin or accelerate when toxins build up in the body. We live in a virtual sea of pollutants. The municipal water supply is filled with toxins, viruses, bacteria, solvents, and parasites. Our air is equally contaminated and our food is a major ... more

Product Image: The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction


The subject of the Law of Attraction has received significant attention worldwide and has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live and numerous other media outlets.In the Law of Attraction, Gary Null Ph.D. and several of the worlds leading psychological and spiritual experts show you ... more

Product Image: Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing


Dr. Gary Null's Sexual Healing is the ultimate instructional guide for a healthy, supremely satisfying sex life!In this revolutionary 2-hour special, Dr. Null & numerous sexual health experts will show you how to:    * Enjoy Mind-Blowing Sex    * Rejuvinate Your ... more

Product Image: Hair Care: A Natural Approach

Hair Care: A Natural Approach


See the results of the first human multichanges study where men and women regrow balding hair, new color comes back to grey hair and long time thinning hair slowed , stopped and frequently reversed. A first! If you have greying, thinning or balding hair this video is a must. ... more

Product Image: Cancer: Alternative Approaches

Cancer: Alternative Approaches


Why is there so much cancer today? What part do genetics really play in cancer proliferation? What foods can prevent cancer development and which foods need to be eliminated? Are there other avenues for cure besides radiation, chemotherapy and surgery? In this documentary, we will ... more

Product Image: Shopping & Cooking Healthy

Shopping & Cooking Healthy


We all want to eat healthier and live longer. But how do we shop for healthy and nutritious foods? And how do we then prepare and cook these foods in a healthy manner? In this hour-long video, health and nutrition expert Gary Null, Ph.D., takes you on a shopping trip at the local organic food market ... more

Product Image: Power Chefs

Power Chefs


Eating right is one of the most important things we can do for our health. But while everyone wants to live longer and be healthier, very few people know how they can change their diet to do so. In this video set, Gary Null, Ph.D, goes into the restaurants and kitchens of the country’s leading ... more

Product Image: Eye Care: A Natural Approach

Eye Care: A Natural Approach


If you suffer from macular degeneration, amblyopia, learning disabilities, astigmatism, glaucoma or near and far-sightedness, then see how new therapies like biofeedback, light therapy, cranial-sacral therapy and nutrition can help you. ... more

Product Image: Kiss Your Fat Goodbye - Get Fit Now

Kiss Your Fat Goodbye - Get Fit Now


America is facing an obesity crisis.  With over 131 million Americans overweight, the problem has never been worse.  We are a nation that is gorging itself on fast foods, sodas, refined sugars, fats, food additives, artificial sweeteners, hormone-laden dairy, fatty meats laced with ... more

Product Image: Staying Young Forever

Staying Young Forever


In this documentary we will explore how to slow down and reverse the symptoms of aging with the newest natural estrogen, testosterone and progesterone anti-aging hormone enhancers. Included is comprehensive information on how to rejuvenate the body so it can stay healthy longer.Expert health ... more

Product Image: Nice and Easy

Nice and Easy


The ultimate power-walking training video that takes you step-by-step through one of the best exercise and immune enhancing programs available. ... more

Product Image: Life Energies

Life Energies


What is the force behind a charismatic person? Why are some people born leaders, while others are happy to follow? Can basic psychology, which holds that we are shaped by our environment and influences, explain why one sibling becomes very successful while the other sibling, raised in the same home, ... more

Product Image: Power Foods

Power Foods


Power Foods is the must-see program for everyone who wants to enjoy vital health for a lifetime!  Gary Null Ph.D. will help you to optimize your health by understanding the 15 most important foods that everyone needs to consume regularly and the foods that must be avoided at all costs.  ... more

Product Image: Dental Care: A Natural Approach

Dental Care: A Natural Approach


In this documentary, you will learn about important dental problems and solutions with maintenance suggestions for optimal dental health. Healthcare professionals, specializing in their fields, share documented information covering key issues such as: • Mercury Amalgams: Diseases and symptoms ... more

Product Image: Letting Go of Fear

Letting Go of Fear


In this in-depth, original, self-empowerment film, Gary Null, PhD, addresses the critical issues that keep us stuck in fear and prevent us from moving forward in our lives. Leading philosophers and experts are interviewed on the origins and purposes of fear, and they tell us how we can best ... more