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Yoga for Stress

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  • Doctor-Designer Yoga Remedies for Stress Relief with Dr. Baxter Bell

This unique, medically-informed approach guides you through practices for immediate relief and teaches you to build "stress hardiness": a healthier long-term response to life's pressures. - In two complementary practices you'll learn to recognize and modify your body's fight or flight response to stress, and the benefits of yoga in addressing the root causes of stress-related problems like muscular tension, headaches, insomnia, depression, and panic attacks. Baxter Bell, MD, brings decades of medical expertise to the practice of yoga, along with a deep, personal understanding of how it can neutralize stress's impact on body and mind. Throughout, he and two assistants make yoga accessible and enjoyable for beginners and more advanced practitioners by demonstrating the use of props and pose modifications.  - Whether you're a beginner looking to decompress or are familiar with the practice of yoga, Yoga for Stress will change your relationship to stress and help you maintain a healthier balance, on and off the mat.

Baxter Bell, MD, is a nationally reknowned yoga instructor living in the SF area.  He is also a physician and medical acupuncturist, and brings these diverse areas together to inform his teaching in workshops and retreats offered around the US and abroad. Baxter also co-directs the Piedmont Yoga Studio's Advanced Studies Program in Oakland, CA.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs5


Program Title Duration
Yoga for Stress-01-Prevention 35:34
Yoga for Stress-02-Relief 34:16
Yoga for Stress-03-Breathe 07:53
Yoga for Stress-04-Relax 05:32
Yoga for Stress-05-Meditation 07:54
Total Time 1:31:09


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