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Step-by-Step: Session 1: Foundation Poses for Strength & Stamina

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*Follow along with Natasha or her assistant Jason, who demonstrates modified poses for less flexible people.   

* Understand the benefits of each yoga pose with medical commentary by Yoga Journal's medical editor, Timothy McCall, M.D.

* Learn alignment principles and correct common mistakes with Yoga Chalk Talk™, our exclusive & "live drawing board." Learn the standing poses that form the foundation of a complete yoga practice. Get expert instruction on Sun Salutation, a flowing sequence of poses with forward bends and gentle backbends that take you through a full range of motion. And understand how breathwork can help you balance your effort with a calm and quiet mind. First in the Yoga Step-by-Step series.

Natasha has been teaching at Yoga Works in Los Angeles since 1997.  She is the featured teacher in Yoga Journal’s “Step-by-Step” Home Practice DVD series, and has appeared in magazines and on television, as well as in the book of photographs “Yoga: A Yoga Journal Book".


Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs3


Program Title Duration
Step by Step 1: Foundation Poses for Strength and Stamina - 01 34:33
Step by Step 1: Foundation Poses for Strength and Stamina - 02 20:06
Step by Step 1: Foundation Poses for Strength and Stamina - 03 04:35
Total Time 59:14


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