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Step-By-Step: Session 2: Bending & Twisting Poses For Flexibility

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  • 35-minute active instructional session
  • PLUS 20-minute flowing workout
  • Poses suitable for beginners and advanced beginners

*  Follow along with Natasha or her assistant Jason, who demonstrates modified poses  for less flexible people.

* Understand the benefits of each yoga pose with medical commentary by Yoga Journal's medical editor, Timothy McCall, M.D.

* Learn alignment principles and correct common mistakes with Yoga Chalk Talk™, our exclusive & ""live drawing board.""

Enhance your flexibility, lift your spirit, and brighten your mood with this series of bends and twists. Backbends bring energy to the body, while forward bends and twists calm the nervous system. As the poses help you become more flexible on your mat, so too will they help you become more flexible in facing your daily life. Second in the Yoga Step-by-Step series.

Natasha has been teaching at Yoga Works in Los Angeles since 1997.  She is the featured teacher in Yoga Journal’s “Step-by-Step” Home Practice DVD series, and has appeared in magazines and on television, as well as in the book of photographs “Yoga: A Yoga Journal Book."

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs3


Program Title Duration
Step by Step: Session 2: Bending & Twisting Poses for Flexibility - 01 36:15
Step by Step: Session 2: Bending & Twisting Poses for Flexibility - 02 22:42
Step by Step: Session 2: Bending & Twisting Poses for Flexibility - 03 04:32
Total Time 1:03:29


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