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Super Body Bootcamp Firm It -Kick Butt Abs/Target Buns Blast

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Take your favorite fitness video with you!
  • Energize your whole body, while toning and strengthening your core and glutes
  • Get pumped using the Super Body Bootcamp methods
  • Feel inspired by Tracey's positive, enthusiastic coaching

Twenty five minutes and Tracey are all it takes to get the body you've always wanted. An innovative mix of Tae Kwon Do, Pilates, Kickboxing and Strength Training will get your body toned, tight, and energized. Tracy's inspirational words will motivate you to kick, squat and crunch your way to a fitter, stronger you.

- Program Level: Intermediate to Advanced
- Target Area: Strength, Cardio, Core

What People Are Saying:

"Tracey Mallett...is all about having fun... They...filmed it outdoors and that's refreshing from the usual studio sets." "Little Miss Cutey", Melbourne, Australia

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Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs1


Program Title Duration
Superbody Bootcamp Firm It 25:08
Total Time 25:08


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