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Renew YOU Super Body Package with Tracey Mallett

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Kick start your body for the New Year

- Renew YOU: Cardio Fusion blasts away fat while toning your upper body
- Renew YOU: Sleek and Lean sculpts your legs, hips, and butt in graceful ballet-inspired moves
- Super Body Bootcamp Burn It: Six Pack Abs gives you the ripped core you have always wanted
- Super Body Bootcamp Firm It: Kick Butt Abs/Target Buns Blast energizes your whole body while toning and strengthening your abs and glutes

Created by top-notch fitness expert Tracey Mallett, these efficient and well-paced workouts are designed for people-on-the-go and for all fitness levels. In this very special package, we bring together 4 of Tracey's best-selling videos to kick every part of your body into the best shape it has ever been.

Tracey's unique style combines dance moves, yoga, strength training, Pilates, and Kickboxing to bring you a one-of-a-kind workout experience that gives you the greatest results in the least time. At under half an hour per program, and 4 great programs working diferent areas to rotate through, excuses like too little time or boredom with your routine just won't fly! And when have you ever had this much fun while working every area of your body?

Buy this package and save 25%!

The workouts in this package are also available individually:

- Renew YOU: Cardio Fusion $9.95.
- Renew YOU: Sleek and Lean $9.95.
- Super Body Bootcamp Burn It: Six Pack Abs $9.95.

- Super Body Bootcamp Firm It: Kick Butt Abs/Target Buns Blast $9.95.

What People Are Saying:

"I liked adding weights to exercises that resembled Pilates and yoga. It was harder than it looks." Kristin, Boulder, CO

"This creative blend of ballet, modern dance, Pilates and Yoga is a mind-body workout that gets real results." Janiss Garza,

"I hope you will do sequels to your 'Renew YOU: Cardio Fusion' and 'Renew YOU: Sleek & Lean' workouts. Everytime I'm finished doing these workouts I feel very relaxed as though I've gone to a spa, not a gym...You captured the essense of sweating glamourously." Norma

Other Great Workouts from Tracey Mallett:

- Blast Away Fat: Indoor Cycling Package with Tracey Mallett only $29.95.
- Elliptical Training Package with Tracey Mallett only $29.95.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs4


Program Title Duration
Renew YOU - Cardio Fusion 54:04
Renew You - Sleek and Lean 1:09:59
Super Body Bootcamp Burn It - Six Pack Abs 25:16
Superbody Bootcamp Firm It 25:08
Total Time 2:54:27


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