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Elliptical Training Package with Tracey Mallett

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  • Spice up your exercise routine with this fun and challenging set of workouts
  • Develop your cardiovascular strength and stamina
  • Maximize your results with four different aspects of elliptical exercise

Originally $34.95: Buy today and save $5!

Fitness pro and contributor to Fitness Magazine and Shape Magazine, Tracey Mallett creates four innovative, fat-burning workouts guaranteed to re-do your rear view and improve cardiovascular power and endurance.

Each of four workouts can be done in under an hour and challenges a different aspect of elliptical training: hill programs for glute strength, intervals for added caloric expenditure, intensity modifications to increase overall fat-burning and training on mixed terrain to shock your body into better shape.

You'll never have a boring workout on the elliptical machine again!

What People Are Saying:

"Being able to select what I want to do that day is really great." K.T.

"I've definitely seen results. I use this instead of going to a class - it saves me money AND it's fun". Julie S.

"What's great is it allows me to stay at the level I'm at in my fitness class but also improve!" S.T.

With This Package You Get These Downloads:

- Elliptical Butt Burn Workout buy individually for only $9.95
- Elliptical Fat Burner Workout buy individually for only $9.95
- Elliptical Intervals Workout buy individually for only $9.95
- Mixed Terrain Elliptical Workout buy individually for only $9.95

Other Great Workouts from Tracey Mallett:

- Blast Away Fat: Indoor Cycling Package with Tracey Mallett only $29.95
- Download Indoor Cycling Workouts In MP3 Format only $29.95
- Advanced Interval Workout only $9.95

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs4


Program Title Duration
Elliptical Butt Burn Workout 33:45
Elliptical Fat Burner Workout 34:43
Elliptical Intervals Workout 33:35
Mixed Terrain Elliptical Workout 27:19
Total Time 2:09:22


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