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I Want Those Abs

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Shape up your abs with Tamilee Webb, the "Abs of Steel" expert!
  • Body-toning resistance exercises strengthen your abs, back, and core
  • Two separate 15-minute videos give you the option of varying your daily routine

The stomach you've always dreamed of is completely within your reach. Two time-saving programs can be used together or on alternate days to strengthen your core muscles. Tamilee's positive enthusiasm provides encouragement to keep progressing toward your exercise goals.

This download is part of A Year of Fitness with Tamilee Webb, a simple plan with 12 workouts, a FREE stretching download and much more! Only $9.95 per month.

- A mat is recommended for these exercises

What People Are Saying:

"I've been working out with Tamilee's videos for over 10 years and these moves are the BEST!" Niki, Santa Cruz, CA

"I loved the fact that it was easy to fit into my often erratic schedule and relieved that I didn't need a lot of space for the workouts...I began to feel the results within 2 weeks and I really began to see the results within 6 weeks." Michelle C., West Palm Beach, FL

"For me, shorter, more intense workouts have always worked best...I do 3 or 4 at a time because they're so much fun! ...I've lost TWENTY (count 'em......20!) pounds!!" Lisa D.

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Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs1


Program Title Duration
I Want Those Abs 32:54
Total Time 32:54


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