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Bollywood Booty: Hemalayaa

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  • Bonus classical Indian dance

This is the most fun you'll ever have reshaping your backside. It's so enjoyable, you won't believe you're working out -- you'll just dance, strut, and sashay away the pounds and inches.

Join fitness star and yogini Hemalayaa for vibrant, liberating Indian dance moves set to infectious Bollywood beats. These four quick dance workouts will help you get fit, firm, and flirty in no time. But more than that, they're the perfect way to release inhibitions, embrace your body, and fall in love with your booty!

So if you're looking for a creative, refreshing way to lift those buns, burn fat, and melt the pounds away, you'll love Bollywood Booty.

What People Are Saying:

"The perfect ratio of giggles to squats and stretches." -- WeightWatchers.com

"Her approach is about having fun and celebrating sensuality." -- heart&soul

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs8


Program Title Duration
Bollywood Booty: Hemalayaa - Intro 01:39
Bollywood Booty: Hemalayaa - Warm-Up 04:13
Bollywood Booty: Hemalayaa - Workout 1 05:32
Bollywood Booty: Hemalayaa - Workout 2 07:55
Bollywood Booty: Hemalayaa - Workout 3 12:22
Bollywood Booty: Hemalayaa - Workout 4 11:17
Bollywood Booty: Hemalayaa - Cool Down 03:29
Bollywood Booty: Hemalayaa - Bonus Dance 06:23
Total Time 52:50


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