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3-in-1 Total Body Fitness: Desi Bartlett

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If you're serious about fitness, you know you must balance the Big 3: cardio training to burn calories and build endurance; strength training to build fat-burning muscle and healthy bones; and flexibility training to lengthen muscles and keep joints moving freely. Here's a 60-minute program with all you need for total fitness.

Each of the 20-minute workouts targets one of the Big 3 fitness goals. The easy-to-follow, low-impact cardio segment will really get your heart pumping. The strength segment will sculpt and tone legs, arms, and abs. The flexibility section combines yoga-inspired moves and simple stretches for a head-to-toe workout that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Do all three together or mix and match segments to suit your schedule. Suggested equipment: a set of hand weights for strength training and a towel for the flexibility segment.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs4


Program Title Duration
3-in-1 Total Body Fitness: Desi Bartlett - Intro 00:49
3-in-1 Total Body Fitness: Desi Bartlett - Cardio 19:29
3-in-1 Total Body Fitness: Desi Bartlett - Strength 19:15
3-in-1 Total Body Fitness: Desi Bartlett - Flexibility 18:24
Total Time 57:57


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